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3D Laser Printer For Jewelry

3D Laser Printer For Jewelry
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  • Rapid dedicated control software for prototype with our own interllectual property rights and slice software.

  • Industrail control computer and embedded controle quipment are adopted.

  • Independent servo control system.

  • Independent-developed technological control software with our own interllectual property rights that guarantees the design of prototype’s making and cross-sectional observation. Independently developed real-time embedded off-line control operating system and 3d-preview of 360 degree model are configured that offer real-time schedule’s reminder and halfway improved function of observing and continued printing. The functions are more powerful.

Welcome to buy the 3d laser printer for jewelry from our company. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various products about 3D printer in China, introduced many professional personnel into our factory to better serve you.
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