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High Precision Jewelry Wax 3d Printer For Investment Casting

High Precision Jewelry Wax 3d Printer For Investment Casting
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Product Details

Product Advantages


1. The item surface smooth, reduce the later processing waste.

2. Wire mesh structure can be printed with faster speed which can meet higher demand of jewelry's printing.

3. Fast printing speed, high accuracy and better stability are available with self-developed new generation laser optical system.

4. 0.03mm gathered spot, high and delicate, and realized thin-walled printing.

5. 7 inch HD touch screen makes operation easier.


1. Castable lost-wax resin can be quickly gasified, leaving no residue in casting step.

2. Smooth surface can directly transform the 3D model into jewelry products.

3. Fine mesh hollowing structure model can be produced, and the best model can be obtained with the least polishing work.


Original 405nm modular laser imported from Japan, smaller, more reliable, more stable, better material’s absorption, smaller laser focus spot, safer to humans, ultraviolet allergy is avoided, no protection is needed.


Two American patents, 7 patents, CE/FCC/ROSE remarked

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