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Top Down RC1801 Desktop 3d Printer Kit Sla For Sale

Top Down RC1801 Desktop 3d Printer Kit Sla For Sale
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Product Details

RC1801SLA laser 3D printer

Relying on deep 3D printing technology and experiences, Rich-Opto provides SLA 3D printer——RC1801 with independent intellectual property rights. The precision and stability can both reach industrial standard. The build volume is far beyond other printers in the market, meeting more customers’ requirements of high precision.



1. Industrial grade 3D printer: laser light path system with integrated seal modlar deign, dust proofand capble of rapid heat dissipation.

2. German–made industrial laser galvanometer scanning system:  high speed, precise , good stability,accurate even during long operating periods.

3. Imported modular 405nm laser: long life, excellent laser spot quality, luminous efficiency.

4. 0.03mm high quality focus spot to ensure high printing precision.

5. Imported linear guide and servo motor: greatly improved thickness for positioning accuracy, 

high-quality stripping

7. 7 inch HD touch screen for  easier  offline operation.

8. Printing size: 170mm×170mm×170mm

9. File transfer mode: WIFI or USB


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