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Rich Opto Professional 3D Printer For Precision Investment Casting
Jul 19, 2017

Rich Opto Professional 3D Printer for Precision Investment Casting

Rich-Opto, the leading manufacturer of high precision 3D Printers, is taking precision investment casting and rapid prototyping of complex geometries to the next level with the RC1801 professional high precision 3D printer, shortening production time and able to wipe off the need for expensive tooling.

There is a growing global need for manufacturers to make short-term production runs of higher precision parts. RC1801 professional 3D printer is a fully automatic, unmanned operation, which reduces time, labor and material costs. 3D printing with wax models is 20times faster than making jewelry by hand, and greatly enhances production volume and efficiency.

The printing volume is 170mmX170mmX170mm, much larger than DLP printer and the forming platform can stimultaneously print multiple pieces with high precision. Moreover, the printing speed is much faster than most of the similar printer manufacturers' products, that is 10000mm/s.

With Rich Opto professional 3D printer, you will be very impressed with the high level of detail of the patterns printed and the outstanding overall service experience when working with Rich-Opto.